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Volunteer role of the month

In partnership with Reach Skilled Volunteers we are compiling a 'Trustee Role of the Month list and also a seperate 'Volunteer Role of the Month' list, to encourage you to share your experience and wisdom with your local community.     Trustee roles for November/December and other Volunteer roles for  December 2016/January 2017  are  shown below.

Reach are specialists in 'skilled volunteering'.  The range of things you can do as a volunteer is huge – from guiding the strategic development of a charity to helping deliver frontline services. " Our volunteers have built websites, designed new marketing materials, mentored young people, been legal advisors, become treasurers, advised on IT, chaired boards, undertaken audits, managed projects, worked on campaigns and analysed data - the list is endless."

As well as a wide range of skilled volunteering positions, Reach also have trustee roles. Many people think they're not experienced enough to be a trustee when in fact their skills would be an ideal match for a charity's board.   Visit Reachs' Become a trustee page and find out whether it is right for you.

Reach has intoduced The Trustee Works Service, a new service for finding trustees for Charities.  This matching service  is free for organistions with under £1m turnover.     Conversely, they are always looking to register 'skilled volunteers' for whom they may be able to find a match. 

Roles of the month, October 2017 – Trustee Roles
Reach: We help skilled people like you to make a difference. Register with us and use your expertise to help a cause you care about.

Volunteer details Location Application deadline if any
More details:
You can now self-search for roles. Create a profile and let charities find you.
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 The roles below are just a selection of key roles with Reach. Please apply through Reach and please mention Retirement Reinvented when contacting Reach!
Legal Trustee
Aston-Mansfield Charitable Trust MAC-UK
Also seeking Social Enterprise Trustee
And Children and Youth Trustee
Newham , London (East), E7 9AB
30th Nov Opportunity description
The Aston-Mansfield Charitable Trust needs the help of an enthusiastic and pragmatic legal expert, with generalist legal expertise, who can help us during an exciting time of change and development. 
The role
Aston-Mansfield Charitable Trust (AMCT) has an endowment and a property portfolio, which is used to support the operating charity Aston-Mansfield, and a number of small local charities. Both organisations are beginning the implementation of new strategies, which for AMCT means focusing on improving the value and profitability of its property portfolio.
Our new Trustee will bring much needed generalist legal expertise, helping with a variety of legal matters. AMCT is a well-established trust, working alongside Aston-Mansfield, a community development organisation based in Newham, East London.
This is an exciting time to join AMCT, as it progresses plans to redevelop one of its main sites, and to maximise the value and profitability of the rest of its property portfolio. It’s sister charity, Aston-Mansfield, is beginning the implementation of a new strategy including growing its work with children and young people, integrating its programmes, establishing a new ecosystem of children, youth and family work in local areas, and developing social enterprise.
Organisationally, AMCT aims to become more financially sustainable, and to strengthen its capabilities in managing its property portfolio. AMCT currently has 5 Trustees, whose expertise includes finance, corporate governance, investment management and property development.
Role number:  J56033, J56018  and J56019
 For more details register at :
Young Westminster Foundation
Westminster, London (Central), W2 5EU   Opportunity description
Exciting opportunity for a Treasurer to join our Board of Trustees of a brand new high-profile charitable foundation with a passionate and energetic team and impact positively on the future generation.
The role
Main Duties and Responsibilities
  • To ensure the Young Westminster Foundation (the YWF) carries out its purposes for the public benefit as defined in the governing document
  • To ensure the YWF complies with the Constitution, and legal and regulatory requirements
  • Oversee the financial affairs of the organisation and ensure they are legal, constitutional and within accepted accounting practice
  • Ensure proper records are kept and that effective financial procedures are in place
  • Monitor and report on the financial health of the organisation
  • Make fellow committee members aware of their financial obligations and take a lead in interpreting financial data to them
  • Regularly report the financial position at committee meetings (balance sheet, cash flow, fundraising performance etc)
  • Oversee the production of an annual budget and propose its adoption at the last meeting of the previous financial year
  • Oversee the production of necessary financial reports/returns, accounts and audits
  • To act in the organisation’s best interests, make balanced and adequately informed decisions, and avoid putting yourself in a position where your duty to the YWF conflicts with your personal interests or loyalty to any other person or body
  • To ensure the YWF applies its resources responsibly and exclusively to support or carry out its stated purposes; to ensure appropriate procedures and safeguards are in place and being followed
  • To ensure the organisation is accountable both internally and externally; to comply with accounting and reporting requirements and ensure that the YWF is accountable to its members, beneficiaries and supporters
  • To safeguard the good name, values and financial stability of the organisation
  • To lead a finance working group and work closely to support the CEO and Finance Officer in ensuring the charity’s financial sustainability
  • Lead on appointing and liaising with auditors/an independent examiner.
Role number: J56008
 For more details register at :
North of England      
Trustees with fundraising experience
Warrington, Cheshire, WA3 2SY
Opportunity description
Are you passionate about wild tigers & protecting the environment where they live?
Do you have the skills, knowledge, experience & time to help guide an established wild tiger charity through the next stage of its development?
The role
Tigers4Ever is established with the aim of preventing the extinction of wild tigers & protecting the environment in which they live. Our current focus is in Madhya Pradesh, India.
We have 6 Trustees: 3 female/3 male with strong governance, financial, project management; business & marketing strategy skills. We have diverse backgrounds/interests including roles with other charities/other Governance roles. Our Chair has an unerring passion for wild tigers.
We have community focussed projects to encourage those living with wild tigers to protect them & ensure they have wild futures. We achieve our objectives by providing: Buffer Zone Poaching Patrols; Permanent wildlife waterholes/reducing human-animal conflict; Vital equipment for Forest Dept patrols to enable them to protect wild tigers; & Educational resources to enable children from the poorest rural communities to get education/improved employment prospects.
Our first of its kind “Buffer Zone Poaching Patrol” established in July 2015 in Bandhavgarh has seen a 94% reduction in wild tiger deaths due to poaching/poisoning in the last 2 years. The Buffer Forests around India’s wild tiger reserves account for 90-95% of all wild tiger deaths due to poaching/poisoning incidents annually. Historically, these Buffer forests were not patrolled. Wire snares, jaw traps & tethered snares are the preferred tools of tiger poachers. Our Patrollers search the buffer forests for poacher’s traps, seeking to disarm them before tigers/leopards fall prey. Patrols in the buffer forest also act as a deterrent to would be poachers who fear capture if their traps are discovered. In 2015-16, our Patrols also assisted with the early identification of/quenching forest fires which are common in the dry season. Such actions save the lives of many forest dwellers not just wild tigers.
We've also embarked on another major environmentally focussed project: developing permanent wildlife waterholes for year-round use where water is scarce from February to July. These waterholes offer stability to the prey base & help to reduce human-tiger conflict. 
Our Board of Trustees meets 5 times per year for 2.5-3 hours. Sub-committees may be established for specific projects/fundraiser planning, if needed. We also ask Trustees to get involved with the organisation of/participation in our annual fundraising events.
Role number: J56075
For more details register at :
Midlands and East of England
Village Water
Shrewsbury where only occasional attendance will be required., Shropshire, SY1 1LZ
15th Nov Opportunity description
Help us achieve our vision of a world where no-one suffers from diseases caused by limited access to clean water, poor hygiene or sanitation.
The role
We are seeking additional members of the trustee board to assist and make a vital contribution to the work of our small dynamic team based in Shrewsbury, who pride themselves on providing a personal touch and can-do approach.
Since 2004, we’ve been helping to change lives in Africa, by supporting hygiene promotion, sanitation facilities and safe water in rural communities in Zambia and Mozambique.
Safe water on its own has a limited impact, so we adopt an integrated approach to improve hygiene practices, sanitation facilities and water quality in villages, schools and health centres.
We work with local partners in Zambia and Mozambique to reach the disadvantaged in predominantly rural communities improving their lives through better health and the opportunities that this brings. We seek to influence poverty reduction decisions made at the local, national and international level by proving the positive impact of what we do.
Key responsibilities
  • Responsibility for full compliance with charity law, regulations and the charity’s  governing documents.
  • Bringing your particular skills to the table and taking an active part in developing the charity and our  strategic plan.
  • To act as an ambassador for the charity and be prepared to engage in profile-raising public events.
Role number: J56093
For more details register at :
Governor and senior member of the Finance sub committee
Malvern St James
Other roles available
Great Malvern, Herefordshire and Worcester-shire, WR14 3BA 5rd November Opportunity description
  • Are you a qualified and long standing accountant? 
  • Do the management accounts talk to you, not just about what is but what might be?
  • Are you practical and pragmatic?
  • Talk to us - please.
The role
We are the Board of Governors (the Council) of an independent girls' school.  All governors serve on the full council and on one or more sub-committees depending upon their interests, skills and the time they can donate.
All governors see the minutes of all meetings and can question (and be questioned) on subjects they are interested in, want more understanding of, or are skilled in.
Due to a current governor having completed the 3 terms of 3 years on Council allowed by our rules, we are seeking a replacement  to be a governor and a senior member of the Finance, Resources and Business Development sub-committee.
Role number: J56024
For more details register at :
Southern England
Aid for Trade Foundation
Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 5HL 31st December Opportunity description
Poverty is not working - which is the root cause of the severe poverty still suffered by more than 2 billion people. Our Internet training resources can help income generation anywhere. 
The role
Trustees will plan and undertake the further development and promotion of our free online resources, which offer basic business training plus guidelines for establishing Savings and Loan Associations, helping to fund start up and growth of sustainable basic income generation activities.
The nature and scope of our programmes and other resources can be seen on our website and Reach profile page.
A wide range of skills and experience are needed to help our development. Responsibilities and tasks will be agreed based on experience, available time and personal preferences
Our strategic priorities are:
1. To further develop and restructure our training programmes
2. To introduce Aid for Trade resources to churches in selected developing countries
3. To build a UK donor base via a new 'crowd funding' website
4. To introduce and promote Aid for Trade as a useful resource for  European and North American mission agencies 
Our Board currently comprises 3 men and a woman:
  1. Retired businessman.  (Founder, Chair of Trustees and Gen. Mgr.)
  2. Christian Social entrepreneur and Mission worker 
  3. Mission research Director of a multinational mission agency (Ex USA)
  4. Church and mission leader (Ex Pakistan)
Role number: J56092
 For more details register at :
Chair of Board of Trustees
Befriending Networks
Edinburgh, Central Lowlands Scotland, EH2 4SD
30th November
Opportunity description
We are small umbrella organisation based within Scotland supporting over 270 member befriending organisations across the UK.  We are seeking an experienced chair ready to lead us to the next level in our development.
The role
Main Responsibilities of the Chair
  • Formulate strategic plans and regular review of long-term strategic aims of the charity.
  • Develop organisational policies, define goals, targets and evaluate performance against agreed targets.
  • Approve the annual cycle of the board meetings and meeting agendas
  • Chair and facilitate meetings, monitor decisions taken at meetings and ensure they are implemented.
  • Liaise regularly with the Treasurer to maintain a clear grasp of the charity’s financial position and to ensure full and timely financial transparency and information disclosure to the Board.
  • Lead and mentor other Board members to fulfil their responsibilities and enable access to training/coaching/information to enhance the overall contribution of the board.
  • Annually review the Board structure, role, staff relationships and ensure implementation of agreed changes/developments are carried out.
  • Encourage team working among Board members and encourage them to identify and recruit new trustees as required.
  • Create a strong, profitable and fulfilling working relationship with trustees and the Chief Executive through review and self-reflective evaluation of contributions and effectiveness of the board.
In relation to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • In participation with a sub group of board, appoint the CEO and lead the process of appraising and constructively guiding the performance of the CEO.
  • Assume guardianship of the legal and financial integrity of the organisation.
  • Consult with CEO on matters of strategy, risk, governance, finance and HR.
  • Oversee the CEO’s activities in the context of the implementation of Board’s strategy and policies.
  • Maintain careful oversight of any risk to reputation and/or financial standing of the organisation.
  • Receive regular informal progress reports of the organisation’s work and financial performance through the CEO.
In relation to the wider organisation
  • Represent the organisation as a spokesperson at appropriate events, meetings or functions.
  • Protect and manage the resources of the organisation.
  • Lead the Board in fostering relations with appropriate stakeholders and potential funders/donors.
  • Act as final stage adjudicator for disciplinary and grievance procedures if required.
Role number: J56079
 For more details register at :





Roles of the month, September 2017 - General Roles
Reach: We help skilled people like you to make a difference. Register with us and use your expertise to help a cause you care about.

Volunteer details Location Application deadline if any More details:
You can now self-search for roles. Create a profile and let charities find you.
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 The roles below are just a selection of key roles with Reach. Please apply through Reach and please mention Retirement Reinvented when contacting Reach!
Events Marketing Officer
Action Medical Research
London (South), RH12
  Opportunity description
An experienced individual needed to help our London & South East team develop the income for our overnight Trek across the South Downs Way by sponsors.
The role
Trek the Night is a 40-mile overnight trek across the South Downs Way – it’s one of the icon events Action runs and is an amazing opportunity for local businesses to get great exposure to our 250 participants.
We need help with researching opportunities for large companies and local businesses to get involved with the events through sponsorship packages.
You will then be contacting both old and new supporters to charm them into getting involved with our fantastic events. There is a lot that can be gained by their involvement and it will be down to you to help them see how we can also help their business gain contacts too.
If you can supply plenty of charm and heaps of patience then we can promise you some tremendously rewarding fun
Role number:  J55765
For more details register at :
UK Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners
London (Central), WC1N 3XX
31st October Opportunity description
Bookkeeper required to administer the day to day finances of a small national not for profit professional organisation in the field of counselling and psychotherapy. It has a turnover of approx £50K.
We are looking for someone to work closely with the association’s Administrator and Treasurer.
Duties include:
  • Processing of all receipts and payments (usually electronic) in accordance with agreed procedures.
  • Be the key Liaison person with the association's on-line bank and act as a counter-signatory to all payments
  • Update procedures as necessary
  • Ensure that accounts and financial statements are up to date and available to the Board of Directors as necessary.
  • Submit the association's annual accounts to Companies House 
  • Monitor and advise the association's Treasurer on financial matters and provide written reports prior to Board Meetings (bi-monthly) and the association's Annual General Meeting.
There is no specific requirement to attend meetings, though it would be desirable to meet in person with the Board once a year.
Although the association does not have premises, its meetings are held in central London.
All out of pocket expenses will be paid.  
Role number: J55763
 For more details register at :
North of England      
Communications – North West Expand Group
(also Partnership Development and Fundraising roles)
Resolve International
Greater Manchester, M1
  Opportunity description
Transforming lives in Nepal.
The role
‘There has been a drastic change in Kiran because of the project. It is all a result of the quality primary education project, and we had not imagined such kinds of improvement.’ said his class teacher Geeta. Kiran is one of 15,500 people in Nepal who have directly benefitted from Resolve International’s work.  Imagine how much more we could achieve with your help.
As a member of our Expansion Group you will be proactive in developing and expanding our programmes which combat child poverty in Nepal.  Help us improve literacy in primary schools, and reduce child deaths by improving sanitation and providing clean water.
You will meet with your team each month in Manchester to report success and to plan your home based activities. 
Role number:   J55727 - J55729
For more details register at :
Branch Treasurer – Liverpool
Parkinson UK
Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 8LR 30th
Opportunity description
The Parkinson's UK Liverpool branch is looking for a volunteer Treasurer to manage its finances, provide guidance and provide financial administration.
The role
The Liverpool Central branch is active within your local community and regular activities include weekly hydrotherapy sessions, monthly branch meetings and social activities.
The Branch Treasurer leads the financial activity of the group. Working closely with the Branch Chair, you would:
• accurately record financial activity, keeping the group and the Parkinson's UK Office informed of the group's financial position
• keep up to date on Parkinson's UK's financial policies and share them with the group 
• provide regular reports to the committee on the financial status of the group including final accounts at the annual general meeting

Role number: J55689
For more details register at :
Midlands and East of England
Health and Safety Volunteer
RSPA – Suffolk Branch
Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 3PH
3rd November Opportunity description
A support role, to work closely with the Trustee Board, to ensure that all Health and Safety matters as they relate to Branch activities are dealt with under the relevant legislation.
The role
This role is responsible for informing all Trustees and other Branch volunteers and staff on all health and safety matters relating to the branch and to assist with the implementation of good practices relating to health and safety
This will involve working with Trustees and managers to ensure that all health and safety risk assessments are completed, including manual handling, COSHH and fire and to then advise the Trustees of any required actions falling out of these assessments.
To liaise with the Branch Manager and  Branch Support Specialist, field officers and others regarding the implementation of new health and safety guidelines. This will require arranging the appropriate training or re-training where necessary.
All volunteers and staff should be made aware of the health and safety requirements for the branch and this role would be responsible for ensuring that the appropriate induction was in place.
This role would also require that you act on behalf of the Branch in conjunction with the appropriate trustee and staff managers when contacted by Health and Safety executive or environment department and/or other statutory bodies in relation to health and safety matters
The person will also need to ensure, working in conjunction with our head Office, that all of the appropriate training materials and records are in place and updated as required.
They will also need to work with trustees and staff to ensure that there is adequate first aid provision.
Role number: J55773
For more details register at :
IT Help County Coordinator Lincolnshire

Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN1 1BA   Opportunity description
To recruit, coordinate and support the volunteers within their County to provide our free service to disabled people experiencing a problem with their computer or needing computer related advice.
The role
The post code for this role is just for the database, this role covers the whole of the County. Applicants for this role can reside anywhere in this county.
  • Allocating clients’ requests from the office to IT Support Volunteers (the volunteers who visit clients to help with problems).
  • Being a volunteer as well if possible, ready to help clients.
  • Assisting in the recruitment of IT Support Volunteers by contacting volunteer bureaux and similar organisations.
  • Meeting potential volunteers.
  • Assisting in raising local awareness by publicising the network to disability charity organisations, libraries, community centres.
  • Keeping track of requests and visits in your County/District and providing quarterly statistics.
  • Supporting and motivating your volunteers.
Role number: J55706
For more details register at :
Southern England
Events Treasurer
Action Medical Research
Hampshire, RH12   Opportunity description
An experienced individual needed to help our London & South East team by being responsible for managing the finances of our Dine with Davina ladies lunch in Southampton.
The role
The Dine with Davina ladies lunch in Southampton is hosted by Davina McCall and is our figure head event in the Hampshire region.
What we need you to do:
·         Count, bank and record all money raised, collected and donated at the event.
·         Inform Action Medical Research of all transactions using the forms provided.
·         Work with the group to create and adhere to realistic budgets for fundraising activities.
·         Maintain records of income and expenditure relating to Dine with Davina event.
·         Respond to queries relating to the income and expenditure of the event.
·         Provide regular financial updates to the Community Fundraiser
Role number: J55766
For more details register at :
Fundraising Project Support Worker
Marie Curie
Bristol, BS6 5AQ   Opportunity description
We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help promote Marie Curie’s national fundraising events and campaigns and make sure they are successful.
The role
Using your local knowledge and experience, you will plan and promote our events and campaigns to recruit more people to take part. Your ideas with help us find new audiences and beat our recruitment and fundraising targets.
What we need you to do
Our Project Support Volunteer roles include, but are not restricted to, some of the following tasks:
• Coordinate projects and help plan events
• Help recruit participants by targeting groups and individuals who would be interested in our events.
      Role number: J55746
 For more details register at :
Marketing Officer
Sight Cymru
Pontypool, South East Wales, NP4 6JH
Opportunity description
To help develop and deliver a marketing strategy for a small charity providing support to people with sight loss or at risk of sight loss.
The role
Assist the management and staff to forfill the charity objectives by encouraging a wider knowledge of professionals and individuals.  
Write editorials and ensure they are delivered to press and media contacts.
Assist the charity with its social media presents.
Help to develop an network of people in decision making environmnts, such as MPS, AMSm commisoners and social care providers and Welsh Government officials.
Provide occasional training to staff and volunteers to help them undestand the importance of marketing.
Ensure bhe message about Sight Cymru is reliable non discriminatvely and courtious to all.
Monitor and evaluate working programs and ensure meanenfull outcomes are recorded and capitilsed.
Provide advice and info to staff and supporters about how best to engage others in the charity.
Help to develop reliable sources into Welsh and other languages and other formats.
Contribute to the development of the service through training and informal development of staff and volunteers.
Maintain effective working relationships with internal and external service providers and to convene and atte and attend multi disaplinary meeting as required.
Represent and promote the charity in order that it can continue to work effectively for the benefit for those with sight loss.
Role number: J55786
For more details register at :


Roles of the month, August 2017 - General Roles
Reach: We help skilled people like you to make a difference. Register with us and use your expertise to help a cause you care about.

Volunteer details Location Application deadline if any More details:
You can now self-search for roles. Create a profile and let charities find you.
Join the Reach community
 The roles below are just a selection of key roles with Reach. Please apply through Reach and please mention Retirement Reinvented when contacting Reach!
Google Ad Words expert
Link Age Southwark
Southwark, London (South), SE22 8PT
  Opportunity description
We're looking for someone with Google Ad Words experience to help us manage our charity account. Our volunteers provide friendly support to older people across Southwark, tackling loneliness and helping older people thrive.
The role
We are looking for someone to manage our Google Ad words account, improving the ease with which potential volunteers can find out about us. Increasingly, volunteers find out about us through internet searches, and we are keen to improve our rankings.
The role would involve:
  • Supporting us to use our free Google Ad grants effectively
  • Managing the Google Ad Words account on an ongoing basis
Role number:  J55472
 For more details register at :
Partner Research volunteer
Free UK Genealogy
London, London (Central), NW1
31st Aug Opportunity description
FreeUKGen is dedicated to providing free access to family history records. Can you help us identify and contact partners in historical charities/societies, academia, and keepers of public records?
The role
Free UK Genealogy is currently looking to recruit a volunteer who will support us in identifying and making contact with partners in other historical charities and societies, academia, and keepers of public records.
Some of this work will lead into the grant fundraising activities that support the work that FreeUKGEN undertakes. The volunteer will work under the guidance of the Executive Director to identify research and contact potential partners.
Tasks we have on hand and need help with include (but are not limited to):
  • Identify sources of records of Birth, Marriage and Death in the forces which we could add on to the existing FreeBMD transcriptions.
  • Identify online images of records (originals or existing transcriptions) of baptism (or other entry into a religious community), marriage and burial which we could include within FreeREG.
  • Identify organisations and groups that are particularly interested in Jewish heritage, identify any current or past transcription projects undertaken by these or others.
We envisage this project will take approximately 25 hours over 5 weeks to complete.
Role number: J55457
 For more details register at :
North of England      
Membership and fundraising coordinator
Northern Neurological Alliance
Tyne and Wear, Tyne and Wear, NE1 4TD
  Opportunity description
Required! An enthusiastic and organised volunteer to support our charity through an exciting period of development and growth - to generate an income stream and increase our profile in North East England.
The role
We are currently working towards the launch of a new campaign which will include the recruitment of ambassadors for the charity and the creation of a membership database to increase the reach of the charity’s work.
The role:
As a small board we have previously relied upon grant funding. Now, we need to improve our community fundraising and to develop a fundraising strategy. This has been identified by our Board as a major weakness.
We are a varied Board of 7 Trustees but we have identified a skills gap with regards to fundraising and marketing strategy. This is new territory for the charity and we were looking for a volunteer to work with the board (either as a trustee or on a volunteer basis) to develop this area and to help to secure the future viability of the charity.
Role summary / responsibilities:
  • Assist in planning, developing and implementing both short and long term deliverable community fundraising strategies to ensure the financial viability of the charity.
  • To identify fundraising opportunities and projects and to identify, manage and advise the Board on risks associated with them.
  • Build relationships and rapport with potential partners including individuals, corporate and trusts and foundations
  • To support the Trustees in achieving grant funding from trusts and foundations by researching, prioritising and applying for available funding.
  • To advise on corporate fundraising approach, and to support the organisation in developing a strategy to build corporate relationships.
  • To promote partnership working and support the NNA to develop symbiotic relationships with other neurological charities within our delivery area.
  • To provide monthly updates, either written or verbal, to the Board.
  • To compile and maintain donor / volunteer database (optional)
Role number: J55384
For more details register at :
Midlands and East of England
IT and systems support
The Inspire and Support Foundation
Mansfield, Nottingham-shire, NG18 5BH
  Opportunity description
The Inspire and Achieve Foundation is a dynamic, young charity with very driven staff focused on supporting NEET young people. At IAF we are very passionate about our work but we need support with new IT systems to measure outcomes.
The role
There are many ways that you could support us to transform the way we use technology- many we might not even know about yet!
Mentor, coach and practical support for the Operations Manager to lead our digital transformation. Including developing an IT system to measure client outcomes, support impact measurement and business relationship management.
Mentor and coaching support for staff to learn how to use the new technologies.
Role number: J55441
For more details register at :
Strategic Marketing Officer
The Butterfly Hospice
Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire, PE21 7AR 25th August Opportunity description
To ensure we can provide free end of life care we need a coordinated marketing plan to raise our profile in the community and increase our income.
The role
We need help to write a marketing plan, to guide staff in how to maximise brand awareness in the community, to encourage volunteers, to improve income streams, in particular advice on using social media effectively. This would require some meetings but mainly could be achieved online.
Role number: J55408
For more details register at :
Southern England      
IT support and remote help
Watford Women’s
Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 0PT 30th September Opportunity description
We are looking for a new I.T support volunteer to help troubleshoot and support this wonderful small charity with its IT system in an ongoing volunteer capacity.
The role
We have recently invested in a new server for our small domestic abuse charity and need ongoing support maintaining and troubleshooting our IT system for our staff & students - we currently have taken on a short support contact with a company but realistically cannot afford to do this for more than 6 months. Staff are pretty tech savvy but sometimes need some advice when things go wrong and a friendly un-patronising voice at the end of the phone! We don't often need support but it would be lovely to know we do and it's not a burden to them when we ask. 
Role number: J55481
 For more details register at :
Marketing and Editor
Wheelchair Dance Sport Association
Watford , Hertfordshire, WD24 7RX   Opportunity description
We are looking for an individual that can support our Marketing team from produce blogs and articles that we can upload to our website, to help with Social Media and develop new materials and content to reach new markets.
The role
We looking for a volunteer that will provide creative content to promote the partnerships and projects of WDSA (UK) and its products and services. 
  • To contribute high quality content for blogs, articles, promotional campaigns and informative industry news.
  • To provide creative design input for promotional campaigns in line with WDSA (UK) brand guidelines. 
  • Contribute thoughts and ideas on how to promote our work, products and services. 
  • To support the wider team in promotion of upcoming projects and events.
  •  Any other relevant task required 
      Role number: J 55449  There is also a fundraising role with this organisation - J55447
 For more details register at :
Programme leader and Coordinator
Fields in Trust (Strathclyde region)
Strathclyde, West Central Scotland, G77 5DU
Opportunity description
Fields in Trust (formerly National Playing fields Association) is seeking an experienced project manager/ coordinator with a passion for sports to plan and lead a sports project for children with the help of professionals.
The role
Fields in Trust (formerly National Playing fields Association) are seeking an experienced project manager/ coordinator with a passion for sports to plan and coordinate a sports project for children with the help of professionals. The role will include:
  • contacting sports coaches
  • liasing with schools
  • organising travel
  • organisating course location
  • being present on site during the course as a responsible adult
Role number: J 55401
For more details register at :