How can we use the expertise of retired professionals ?

Subject for discussion:    “I have recently had my attention drawn to a U.S. website called  which is an organisation which puts its client companies (who include some big international companies) in touch with its 'Experts',  who are retired scientists interested in putting their expertise to part time use.       From the viewpoint of making best use of the talents of retired professionals it sounds an excellent idea to me, and I wonder if you know whether there is any equivalent organisation in UK, and if not whether you think there would be a demand for one, either from companies or retired scientists.”  JW
“ Sounds an interesting idea, and I am not aware of anything quite like it in UK.    Perhaps Retirement Reinvented could make a start by acting as a focal point for interested ‘experts’ who would be interested to take part.    And it is not only scientists and engineers - there is probably a role for the expertise of other professionals as well.”      JR
We would be very willing to do this, so let’s hear from some experts who might wish to take part.   Retirement Reinvented


[email protected] (Guest) 13/09/2010 22:10
Has this gone anywhere?
[email protected] (Guest) 24/04/2014 09:52
I have recently retired as a Partner from a Big4 Consulting firm and have formed a Group of former Partners and CFO's who are now offering their expertise back to small, growth businesses. If you have an interest in joining this Group, drop me a mail.