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Money Management

Money isn't everything:  usually it isn't even  enough"  Anon

"I don't want money. It is only people who pay their bills who want that, and I never pay mine"

Oscar Wilde


Here are some tips on wrapping up the mundane but necessary aspects of life, from tax planning to Sipps, so that you can relax and move on to a new life after retirement. If the whole subject is a bit daunting, and you want a general introduction in comprehensible language, spend a few minutes with the FSA 's excellent 'child's guide' :

Age UK  publish a good general guide to 'Money Matters' with practical tips on keeping down costs. 

The FT's 'Pesonal Finance' section  has a wealth of relevant information.

How much income do you need to retire?  See the personal finance section of Solutions for Debt, an interesting money management site../ .

For keeping in touch with markets and major financial events during the day, I recommend Citywire at 

For an educational website about investing in bonds see
 and see also our topic page on index linked gilts. .
Compare UK savings accounts online at
Which? has an online tool at which helps you check the rate you are earning and whether it can be improved. 

At you can compare current savings rates..
.  is a valuable source of data, investing tools and independent  research.  It has a free portfolio management tool which lets you create and track your portfolio.
. gives access to a wide range of market information, including tools to allow you to track your own porfolio.   is a FREE central tracing scheme spanning banks, building societies and NS&I. It draws together the three central tracing schemes first introduced in 2001. It is designed to help where the customer is unsure  which bank or building society holds their account  including instances where the bank or building society has since closed or merged. NS&I investments can also be traced using the online application form.

  And just in case things go wrong, be aware of 'Financial Options to Help Control Your Debt'

Subjects covered  -   you are invited to add to the fact sheets below or send us drafts for subjects where no fact sheet exists:-


Absolute return funds


Alternatively Secured Pensions (ASPs)

Angel Investing

Buy to Let

Changing your tax status 

Child Trust Fund        
Cutting expenses  

Day Trading 

Enduring power of attorney  

Equity release
Financial planning and Financial advisors   
Hedge funds     
Collective Investments: inv trusts, unit trusts, oiecs,ETFs, index trackers

and REITs

IHT ( Inheritance tax) Relief
Index Linked Gilts


Income Drawdown

Managing your finances better

Moving House

Peer to Peer lending         

Pens'n Income Drawdown

Private Equity 

Recover Withholding tax

Releasing wealth in your home

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Scams and swindles

Shareholder perks

Spread Betting

Venture Capital     

Venture Capital Trusts
Wills, and other matters