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Retirement provides new opportunities for travel and to see the world; and the fascination of travel can be quite addictive. While retirement provides more time, there may also be less money; but...there is more time to do all the research and the planning! Such is the industry that there is no shortage of information; nor is there any shortage of choice.
But take a look at 'Know before you go':  this site is a joint venture between the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the travel industry to ensure that British travellers are better prepared when they go overseas.

See their latest travel advice at

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised that from 1 February 2012 British tourists will only be able to stay in Turkey for a total of 90 days in a 180 day period. In the past, after 90 days Brits could do a visa run to a nearby country (Bulgaria or Greece) and get a further 90 day visa on landing. However, this will now not be possible.      more

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Health.  For information on what is necessary to keep you healthy in the country you are visiting , see the National Health Service (Scotland ) website