About us


Site founders Graham Ross Russell and John Whatmore are typical of some of the people to whom the Retirement Reinvented website is addressed - approaching geriatric in years but hopefully young and active in mind and body (well, reasonably so!) and certainly not interested in slipping silently into senility.

Graham’s background was in the City advising small companies – what used to be called corporate finance but would now be called investment banking.He is now involved with even smaller companies, encouraging innovation and the growth of start up and early stage companies (he was founder chairman of UK Business Incubation) and as an'angel' investing in start-up and small companies.

John has worked in industry all his life - managing companies; and has had a parallel career in the not-for-profit sector. Since being Chairman of a group of venture capital companies, he has formed a small academic business whose focus is the management of creative people.

Its research has been about the skills of managing creativity and innovation, and how these skills are learned; it provides consultancy, and sets up and supports peer –to-peer learning for leaders and managers Retirement Reinvented will grow in content and usefulness through the participation of its users.

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