About the Site

We’ve set out in the Background section what it is that Retirement Reinvented is trying to achieve.

In brief, its purpose is to make use of the experience, expertise and enthusiasm of men and women who are retiring from full time jobs younger and fitter than in the past, and would be interested to use their knowledge and skills both to give themselves an interest and maybe also benefit the community.

The web site describes a range of activities and some of these may interest you. We hope that you will add your comments to these, ask questions and add more ideas. We hope that other users will also add their thoughts and experiences, and help to build an informative range of views.

We have given particular attention to the sections on ‘Volunteering’ and on ‘Paid Jobs’, as we think that those may be of the greatest interest to you. Do please add your own thoughts/experience/advice to any of the topic pages, because your views will be of interest to others.

Michelangelo was writing poetry and designing buildings up to the time of his death at 89. Many people have done their finest work in their mature years. The secret is never to retire from life.