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How to Stay Fit as you get older
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        " It's not the men in my life that count: its the life in my men" Mae West

Good health  -  perhaps the most important aspect of all when it comes to making the most of retirement.

We don’t think that a website devoted to discussing your latest operation is necessarily a step forward for mankind, but maybe a few hints and comments on what has helped you may be of use to others. 
Some headings are suggested below  -  please let us have your comments on these or other headings you may suggest.


For a number of sites of general interest see our topic page Keeping Fit on the Web. .

.If you are interested to share in other people's experiences of health and illness, see http://www.healthtalkonline.org/ It is a database of pesonal and patient experiences based on research led by Oxford University Department of Primary Health Care. Or you can volunteer to be interviewed by them about your own complaints !

Viewing NHS Direct is a 'must'. See    http://www.nhs.uk/aboutNHSChoices/Pages/AboutNHSChoices.aspx    If the future of media is to involve and empower rather than just inform, then NHS Direct is an outstanding example of the way the media should be used.   It is a comprehensive information service that helps you to take control of your own healthcare.  It helps you make your own choices about health and lifestyle, as well as practical matters on using NHS services in England or an online enquiry service on health matters.  .

   Are you interested in an active, healthy lifestyle in a warm French climate? .....see more

Are you hearing as much as you should?   Keep up your quality of life - don't delay having a free hearing test -  see Hidden Hearing, the UK's major supplier of 'no obligation' hearing tests.

Also for preventing  those 'senior moments', have a look at  www.sharpbrains.com/teasers  

www.sharpbrains.com is a market research firm which tracks the latest research on brain fitness and cognitive health.   For instance, they have published some research on he relative merits of 'general knowledge' and 'cryptic' crosswords in counteracting ageing ...http://www.sharpbrains.com/blog/2011/02/04/do-crossword-puzzles-help-to-counteract-the-aging-process-if-so-which-ones-and-how/ 

The Good Care Group's helpful guide shows ways to cope with and better understand people with dementia

ADT Healthcare is a free helpline for people affected by drug and alcohol addiction. The service is particularly helpful for family members affected by a loved one's addiction.  Website:www.adt-healthcare.com Tel: 0800 088 66 86


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Enduring power of attorney

Health insurance
Keeping Fit on the Web



Taking Exercise –healthy living



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