Ad for an Ed

Wanted: person to act as Editor for a newly established website. He/she will work to adapt the contents of the site and manage its e-marketing so as to generate substantially increased traffic on the site.  Retirement Reinvented (see was created two years ago as a not-for-profit site whose contents would help retiring people to find a new life, follow their personal interests and make use of their skills. Previous experience highly beneficial; an understanding of how websites gain popularity essential. Initially an internship; success could lead on to a full time job. You can work from home but should be able to meet regularly with the founders - in Notting Hill Gate, London.

Tom French (Guest) 30/12/2010 08:22
This 'ad for ed' the position paid?

Also is your aim eventually to make a lot of money? I see this is a not for profit site but that does not mean the material won't then lead to books, sibscription-based advice lines etc etc which would make profits for a company and/or lead to high wages for the organisers...

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