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Second Step:  Putting Mental Health First  
 Lay Member of Court, university of Strathclyde
Cordale Housing Association – Opportunities to join our management committee
Abertay University seek five new independent members of its governing body, the University Court
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WANTED: Non Executive Directors and Trustees


Non executive Director ('NED'), Trustees and part time posts (listed by order of closing date for applications)




If you would like to include an NED or Trustee role in the list below, please contact

We include a 'date posted' column so that it is easier for you to check whether changes have been made since you last visited this page.

Where a closing date is not available ('NA') entries are normally removed after 3 months.  


Position Location Date Closes Date Posted    
Trustee Hearing Dogs for Deaf People High Wycombe 15/5/18 15/5/18 more  
NEDs for Government Legal Departments London 15/6/18 27/5/18 more  
NED for Gentoo Sunderland 15/6/18 25/5/18 more  
NED for One Housing London 15/6/18 25/5/18 more  
NEDs for Organising Committee for 2022 Commonwealth Games Birmingham/London 15/6/18 22/5/18 more  
NED for Blackpool Entertainment Co Blackpool 15/6/18 20/5/18 more  
NEDs x 3 East London NHS Central London 15/6/18 15/5/18 more  
Trustee - Portsmouth Cultural Trust Portsmouth 16/6/18 16/5/18 more  
Trustee for ICIPS UK 17/6/18 20/5/18 more  
NED for Postgate Academy Trust Middlesbrough 17/6/18 20/5/18 more  
NED for Crown Prosecution Service London 18/6/18 10/6/18 more  
NED for Competition & Markets Authority London 18/6/18 6/6/18 more  
Chair for Low Pay Commission  London 18/6/18 27/5/18 more  
Trustee for Stroke Association London 18/6/18 20/5/18 more  
Amadeus Learning Trust S E london 19/6/18 27/5/18 more  
NED South Staffordshire Water Walsall 19/6/18 4/6/18 more  
NED for Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust York 20/6/18 10/6/18 more  
NED for landscaping co S E England 20/6/18 10/6/18 more  
Ind adv to Electoral Commission  Audit Committee  London 20/6/18 27/5/18 more  
NED for NHS Lambeth CCG London 20/6/18 24/5/18 more  
NED for Gt Ormond St NHS London 20/6/18 20/5/18 more  
External Gov for Napier Univ Edinburgh 21/6/18 20/5/18 more  
NED for British Taekwando Manchester 22/6/18 9/6/18 more  
NED North Midlands NHS Trust Stoke-on-Trent 22/6/18 29/5/18 more  
NED for South Warwickshire NHS  S Warwickshire 22/6/18 23/5/18 more  
NED for S Warwickshire NHS Warwick 23/6/18 27/5/18 more  
NED for Communities Academy Trust Warwick 24/6/18 27/5/18 more  
Ind Adv for Economy Honours Commitee London 24/6/18 27/5/18 more  
Ind Adv for Public Services Honours Commitee London 24/6/18 27/5/18 more  
Ind Adv for Science & Technology Honours Committee London 24/6/18 27/5/18 more  
Ind Mbr for Health Honours Committee London 24/6/18 24/5/18 more  
Ind Mbr for State Honours  Commitee London 24/6/18 24/5/18 more  
NED for Estyn Cardiff 25/6/18 12/6/18 more  
NED Watford Community Housing Watford 25/6/18 14/5/18 more  
NED Walton Centre NHS Trust Liverpool 26/6/18 14/6/18 more  
NED for Portsmouth Water Portsmouth 28/6/18 15/6/18 more  
NED for Diocese of Leicester Academies Trust Leicester 29/6/18 10/6/18 more  
NED for British Judo Walsall 29/6/18 9/6/18 more  
NED for Ad Meliora Academy Trust Kings Lynn 29/6/18 7/6/18 more  
NED for Central & NW London NHS Trust London 29/6/18 7/6/18 more  
NED for First choice Homes Oldham 29/6/18 7/6/18 more  
NED Yarrow Housing Chair London 29/6/18 14/5/18 more  
NEDs x 2 Northampton Primary Academy Trust Northampton 29/6/18 24/5/18 more  
Trustee/Director for Legacy Leisure flexible 30/6/18 15/6/18 more  
NED for Great Academies Trust Manchester 30/6/18 7/6/18 more  
NED River Tees Academy trust Middlesbrough 30/6/18 7/6/18 more  
NED for West Suffolk NHS Bury St Edmonds 1/7/18 9/6/18 more  
Board member for Second Step (mental health) S W England 2/7/18 11/6/18 more  
Chair for Sistema Scotland Scotland 2/7/18 10/6/18 more  
NED for Montsayer Learning Partnership Rothwell 2/7/18 10/6/18 more  
NED for Orbit Group London 2/7/18 9/6/18 more  
NED for NHS England Nationwide 3/7/18 14/6/18 more  
Member for Independent Reconfiguration Panel  London 5/7/18 15/6/18 more  
NED Construction (Sub-contracting) SE England 6/7/18 6/6/18 more  
NED for Transform Trust Nottingham 6/7/18 10/6/18 more  
NED for (compliance) for IFA Warwick  6/7/18 9/6/18 more  
NED for Manor Learning Trust Wellingborough 2/7/18 10/6/18 more  
Member of Investment sub-committee of General Medical Council London 4/7/18 15/6/18 more  
NED - SaTH NHS Shrewsbury 4/7/18 6/6/18 more  
NED for Lafford Houses Lincolnshire 4/7/18 6/6/18 more  
Mbr of Cmte Reviewing Export of Works of Art London 5/7/18 8/6/18 more  
NED for British Orienteering UK 6/7/18 15/6/18 more  
Council Members for London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine London 6/7/18 10'6'18 more  
NED for Adam Smith International London 6/7/18 10/6/18 more  
NED for Amethyst Academies Trust Wolverhampton 7/7/18 10/6/18 more  
NED for Belong Cheshire 9/7/18 15/6/18 more  
NEDs for Seafish Edinburgh & Grimsby 9/7/18 6/6/18 more  
Membes for Senior Salaries Review Board London 9/7/18 6/6/18 more  
Trustees for National Portrait Gallery London 11/7/18 27/5/18 more  
Chair for Veterans Advisory & Pensions Committee S W Region 15/7/18 9/6/18 more  
NED for Black Country Museum Dudley 15/7/18 23/5/18 more  
Trustees - British Gas Energy Trust Central London 13/7/18 6/6/18 more  
NED Alliance Homes Bristol 16/7/18 15/6/18 more  
Indep. bd mbr for Crown Prosecution Service London 18/7/18 12/6/18 more  
NED for Central & NW London NHS London na 14/6/18 more  
NED (audit & risk) for Estyn Wales na 10/6/18 more  
NED for Cricket Wales Cardiff na 9/6/18 more  
NED (compliance) for Revolut (a new approach to banking) London na 9/6/18 more  
NED for landscaping co S E England na 7/6/18 more  
NED for Easy Peasy Cooking England na 7/6/18 more  
NED (compliance) for financial services co Warwick na 6/6/18 more  
NED for S Warwickshire NHS Warwick na 27/5/18 more  
NED for 'rapidly growing' SME Bristol na 25/5/18 more  
NED for Morecomb Bay NHS Lancaster na 25/5/18 more  
NED for Newton Investment Management London na 22/5/18 more  
NEDs for Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult UK na 20/5/18 more  
NED for RSSB London na 18/5/18 more