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 Lay Member of Court, university of Strathclyde
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WANTED: Non Executive Directors and Trustees

Non executive Director ('NED'), Trustees and part time posts - listed by order of closing date for applications.

Volunteer and unpaid posts are marked (V), although most will provide reasonable expenses and subsistence.




If you would like to include an NED or Trustee role in the list below, please contact


We include a 'date posted' column so that it is easier for you to check whether changes have been made since you last visited this page.

Where a closing date is not available ('NA') entries are normally removed after 3 months.  

You’ll find expanded details of all these opportunities and more on our partner site:

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Position Location Date Closes Date Posted Link
Community Southwark Trustees (V) Greater London 22/11/19 2/11/19 more
NEDs for Brighter Futures for Children (BFfC) Reading 22/11/19 1/11/19 more
Expert Committee on Pesticides – Committee Member York 22/11/19 22/10/19 more
Panel Chair for the Premier League Fans’ Fund  (V) Paddington 24/11/19 4/11/19 more
Non-Executive Chair
Arden University
National - Coventry 25/11/19 1/11/19 more
Nursing and Midwifery Council Members London 25/11/19 1/11/19 more
Trustee with specialist knowledge in Marketing and Communications for Learn English at Home (V)  Kingston upon Thames, Greater London 25/11/19 29/10/19 more
Trustee for The Federation of British Artists (the FBA)  (V) London 25/11/19 24/10/19 more
Honorary Treasurer Trustee plus 2 additional Trustees for The Brandon Centre (V) Greater London 25/11/19 24/10/19 more
NEDs for NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) London 26/11/19 28/10/19 more
Consultant Director at Cavendish Management Resources London and global 28/11/19 14/11/19 more
NEDs for Cottsway Housing Association Witney 28/11/19 1/11/19 more
Head of Judiciary for International Rugby League Home based (Global) 29/11/19 5/11/19 more
NED for Exeter Science Park Ltd (ESPL) Exeter 29/11/19 1/11/19 more
NED for The Port of London Authority (PLA) London 29/11/19 1/11/19 more
Chair for Active Durham ( formerly County Durham Sport) (V) Durham 29/11/19 1/11/19 more
Independent NED – Safeguarding – for British Taekwondo Manchester 29/11/1p 1/11/19 more
NED for the Royal Navy Portsmouth 30/11/19 5/11/19 more
Chair of the Board for
Cornwall Air Ambulance (V)
Newquay, Cornwall 30/11/19 24/10/19 more
Treasurer for North Yorkshire Community Museum (Beck Isle Museum (V) Pickering 30/11/19 10/6/19 more
 Treasurer for The Calthorpe Community Garden (V) London 30/11/19 1/11/19 more
NED for South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust Crawley 1/12/19 1/11/19 more
Trustee for Arnolfini (Centre for Contemporary Art) (V) Bristol 2/12/19 11/11/19 more
Trustee for White Ribbon UK (V) Hebden Bridge,West Yorkshire 2/12/19 4/11/19 more
Arts & Humanities Research Council Executive Chair London 2/12/19 24/10/19 more
Trustee for The Heart of England Forest (V) Home based 3/12/19 28/10/19 more
Trustees for Redwings Horse Sanctuary (V) Norwich 4/12/19 11/11/19 more
NED with development experience for Saxon Weald Horsham 4/12/19 4/11/19 more
Chair, Office for Legal Complaints (OLC) London 4/12/19 30/10/19 more
Non Executive Director for Martech (start-up) East London 4/12/19 4/11/19 more
Trustee for Vegans Against World Hunger (VAWH) (V) London 5/12/19 10/9/19 more
Trustee Recruitment for Terre des hommes UK (Tdh UK) (V) Home based 6/12/19 6/11/19 more
Chair for The Federal Trust  (V) London 6/12/19 6/11/19 more
Planning Volunteer for the Campaign to Protect Rural England Nottinghamshire (V) Home based 9/12/19 10/9/19 more
Treasurer for Migrants’ Rights Network  (V) London 10/12/19 24/10/19 more
Trustee for the Black Country Living Museum (V) Dudley 12/12/19 12/9/19 more
Carer Support Wiltshire – Finance and other Trustees (V) Trowbridge, Wiltshire 12/12/19 13/9/19 more
Trustees for The Chiltern Society  (V) Chesham, Bucks 12/12/19 16/9/19 more
Trustee for Open Up Music (V) Home based 13/12/19 11/11/19 more
NED for Surrey Choices Surrey 13/12/19 19/11/19 more
Trustees for CHICKS  - national children’s charity (V)
Greater London,
Devon, Derby
13/12/19 11/11/19 more
Two Non-Lay and One Lay Member of the Legal Services Board London 13/12/19 4/11/19 more
Trustees Unlimited – Chair of the Board of Trustees (V) Home based 13/12/19 21/11/19 more
Chair for the English Cricket Board London 13/12/19 24/10/19 more
DEFENCE NUCLEAR SAFETY COMMITTEE - 2 Members MoD 14/12/19 5/11/19 more
Appointed Trustees for the British Pharmacological Society (V) Greater London 15/12/19 21/11/19 more
Chair for Homes England London 16/12/19 1/11/19 more

Treasurer & Trustee
British Stammering Association - Stamma (V)
Home based + London 16/12/19 6/11/19 more
Board Members for Reside Housing Association Hampton Wick 16/12/19 8/11/19 more
Groceries Code Adjudicator London 16/2/19 30/10/19 more
Tribunal Procedure Committee Members London 16/12/19 5/11/19 more
Education Trustee and Treasurer for The Caldecott Foundation (V) Ashford, Kent 16/12/19 17/9/19 more
Trustee – Philanthropy and Major Donors for I CAN (children’s communication charity)   (V) City of London 16/12/19 17/9/19 more
Finance Trustee for I CAN (children’s communication charity)   (V) City of London 16/12/19 17/9/19 more
Trustees for Colombian Caravana (V) Home based 19/12/19 21/9/19 more
Chair of Trustees for the Medaille Trust (V) Home based 20/12/19 21/11/19 more
Non-Executive Directors, UK Statistics Authority London 20/12/19 24/10/19 more
Treasurer for East Grinstead Museum (V) East Grinstead, West Sussex 20/12/19 11/11/19 more
NEDs for Children First Northamptonshire Northamptonshire 21/12/19 21/11/19 more
Trustee for Belong (V) Greater London 25/12/19 25/9/19 more
Trustees for The National Children’s Choir of Great Britain (V) Greater London, Home based 31/12/19 19/11/19 more
 Trustee for Bail for Immigration Detainees (V) Finsbury Park, London 31/12/19 19/11/19 more
Board Director for Parents In Performing Arts (V) Home based 31/12/19 21/11/19 more
Construction Industry Training Board Trustees (V) Various 31/12/19 5/11/19 more
Chair and Fundraising Trustee for Stay Brave (V) Home based 31/12/19 27/10/19 more
Non-Magistrate Member for Recruitment Advisory Committee London 31/12/19 30/9/19 more
Trustees for the RSPCA Surrey (V) Surrey/Berkshire 1/1/20 4/10/19 more
Group Chairman for 68th Odd Down Scout Group (V) Bath 1/1/20 8/10/19 more
Trustee for The Orchard Project (V) Home based 2/1/20 4/11/19 more
Trustee for The Brandon Trust (V) Bristol 5/1/20 21/11/19 more
Chair - VisitEngland Advisory Board London + 8/1/20 5/11/19 more
National Heritage Memorial Fund - Trustee for Northern Ireland Northern Ireland and London 8/1/20 5/11/19 more
Theatres Trust – 4 x Trustee appointments (V) London 8/1/20 5/11/19 more
NEDs for Children First Northamptonshire Northamptonshire 13/1/20 21/11/19 more
Chair and Board Member for CPRE The countryside charity (V) London 13/1/20 21/11/19 more
Treasurer for Ovacome (V) Home based 20/1/20 28/10/19 more
Trustee for OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation (V) Home based 25/1/20 24/10/19 more
Trustees for Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Service (PARCS)  (V) Portsmouth 25/1/20 24/10/19 more
Trustees - Legal,HR and Business - for the Treasures Foundation (V) Rotherhithe, Greater London 29/1/20 29/10/19 more

Chair of Board of Trustees
Museum of Bath Stone (V)
Bath 31/1/20 21/11/19 more
 Trustees for Rowland Hill Almshouses (V) Ashford Kent 10/2/20 11/11/19 more
Treasurer for Root and Branch (V)
Reigate, Surrey
Swindon, Oxfordshire
19/2/20 19/11/19 more
Health and Safety Trustee for Red Balloon (V) Harrow, Greater London 19/2/20 21/11/19 more
NED/Trustees x 2 for Social adVentures (V) Salford na 20/8/19 more
NED for HCP International Ltd London asap 21/8/19 more
NED for Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) Manchester na 10/10/19 more
Non-Executive Directors at South Orpington Learning Alliance (V) Orpington na 1/11/19 more
Chair of the Board Audit and Board Risk & Compliance Committees London na 19/11/19 more