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Cordale Housing Association – Opportunities to join our management committee
Abertay University seek five new independent members of its governing body, the University Court
NED for Averon Park 
Truseee with Financial Expertise for Brunelcare  
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WANTED: Non Executive Directors and Trustees

Non executive Director ('NED'), Trustees and part time posts 

(listed by order of closing date for applications)

If you would like to include an NED or Trustee role in the list below, please contact

We include a 'date posted' column so that it is easier for you to check whether changes have been made since you last visited this page.

Where a closing date is not available ('NA') entries are normally removed after 3 months.  


Chair - The Hope Foundation Glasgow 28/02/18 30/01/18 more
Field Interviewer  Oldham 11/02/18 31/01/18 more
Non-Executive - Teign Housing Newton Abbot, Devon 13/02/18 30/01/18 more
Chair of Public Health England (PHE) London 13/02/18 24/01/18 more
Transport Focus Board Members UK 09/03/18 29/01/18 more
Non-Executive Director CIPFA London 09//02/18 26/01/18 more
Interim Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation: Chair London 28/02/18 25/01/18 more
NEST Corporation: Trustee Members London 25/02/18 26/01/18 more
Non-Executive Director - Bank of England London 20/02/18 23/01/18 more
Chair of the Court - Bank of England London 20/02/18 23/01/18 more
Trustee for Royal Parks London 1/2/18 29/1/18 more
NED for financial services co Dudley na 29/1/18 more
NUS UK Lay Trustees London 19/02/18 23/01/18 more
Non-Executive Directors CHAP National 24/02/18 24/01/18 more
Non Executive Director Birmingham N/A 22/01/18 more
Chair of the Board of Trustees Ironbridge, Telford, Shropshire 21/02/18 21/01/18 more
Trustee for Healthcare management Trust London 19/2/18 28/1/18  
NED for Transport Focus London 9/3/18 28/1/18 more
Trustee of Simon Community London 23/2/18 28/1/18 more
Trustee of Across England, Scotland, Lourdes 9/2/18 28/1/18 more
Mbr of Court of Queen Margaret Univesity Edinburgh 16/2/18 27/1/18 more
Mbr of Court of St Andrews University  St Andews 2/3/18 27/1/18 more
Mbr of Accounts Commission for Scotland Edinburgh 23/2/18 27/1/18 more
NED for Football Association London 9/2/18 27/1/18 more
Trustee for St Andrews Healthcare Northampton 11/2/18 27/1/18 more
NED for Wirral Evolutions Wirral 19/2/18 27/1/18 more
NED for CIPFA London 9/2/18 27/1/18 more
NED for Yeovil District Hospital Yeovil 4/2/18 27/1/18 more
NED for Royal Berks NHS Trust Reading 28/1/18 27/1/18 more
Chair for Fairtrade Foundation London 31/1/18 27/1/18 more
Council mbr for New Payment Sysem Operator London 5/2/18 27/1/18 more
Chairs for Canal & River Trust Regional Boards UK 5/2/18 27/1/18 more
Chair for Clore Social Leadership London 2/2/18 27/1/18 more
Trustee for Royal Parks London 1/2/18 27/1/18 more
Chair for Mulgrave Estates N Yorks 9/2/18 27/1/18 more
NED for PMLL :London 28/2/18 27/1/18 more
NED for Positive Money London 12/2/18 27/1/18 more
NED for Boulevard Academy Trust Kingston upon Hull 23/2/18 27/1/18 more
NED for LEAD Academy Trust Nottingham 23/2/18 27/1/18 more
NED for Isignis Academy Trust Aylesbury 23/2/18 27/1/18 more
NED for Success Academy Trust Leicester 23/2/18 27/1/18 more
NED  for C&W LEP Coventry 31/1/18  27.1.18 more
Audit comm chair for Law Society London 22/2/18 26/1/18 more
V-President for Brit Board of Film Classification London 22/2/18 26/1/18 more
Chair for Water& Sanitation for Urban Poor London 22/2/18 26/1/18 more
Trustees for Across England/Scotand/France 9/2/18 26/1/18 more
Trustees for Bernardos East London 26/2/18 26/1/18 more
lay trustee for Natinal Union of Students Lndon 19/2/18 26/1/18 more
Trustee for Simon Community London 23/2/18  26/1/18 more
Trustee for Sickle Cell Society London 16/2/18  26/1/18 more
NED for house builder Birmingham 5/2/18 26/1/18 more
NED for Bank of England London 7/2/18 26/1/18 more
NED for CHAP (innovation centre) UK 24/02/18 26/1/18 more
NED for NW Anglia NHS Peterborough 7/2/18 26/1/18 more
NEDs for Q3 Academies Trust Birmingham na 26/1/18 more
Board Member - Manor Green Housing Association Leatherhead 1/2/18  26/1/18 more
Board Member - Engineering Construction Industy TrainingBoard member London 07/03/18 17/01/18 more
Board Member - Construction Industry Training Board UK 28/02/18 16/01/18 more
Chair - Committee on Radioactive Waste Management UK 19/02/18 01/12/18 more
Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board Member (Horticulture Sector Board Chair) Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire 12/02/18 19/01/18 more
Sport England - Trustee London 05/02/18 15/01/18 more
Independent Member of the MoD Police Committee, (including Professional Standards Lead). London 02/02/18 18/01/18 more
Executive Chair- Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) London and Swindon 02/02/18 20/12/17 more
Treasure Valuation Committee - Board Member London 12/02/18 02/01/18 more
Tate - Artist Trustee London 02/02/18 03/01/18 more
Non Executive Director - Slough Children’s Services Trust Slough 19/02/18 19/01/18 more
Non-Executive Director (Health and Social Care Focus) Warrington   22/01/18 more
NED Risk Officer Midlands Financial Services Dudley N/A Jan 19
Interim Director/Non-Executive Director for Solar Nano Technology Company London N/A 11 Jan 2108 more
4x Non-Executive Director Roles
- UK Statistics Authority
UK 31 Jan 2018 09 Jan 2018 more
British Library – Audit and Risk Assurance Committee Members (2 specialists) London and Boston Spa, Yorkshire 31 Jan 2018 09 Jan 2018
Non-Executive Director
- Intellectual Property Office
UK 31 Jan 2018 09 Jan 2018 more
Non-Executive member of the RPA Audit Risk and Assurance Committee (RPA) Greater London 31 Jan 2018 09 Jan 2018 more
Non-Executive Chair
- Rural Payments Agency (RPA)
Greater London 31 Jan 2018 09 Jan 2018 more
2x Independent Board members
- Consumer Council for Water
Birmingham 29 Jan 2018 09 Jan 2018 more
Defence Nuclear Safety Committee
- 3x Specialist Members
London 31 Jan 2018 27 Dec
Chair for Committee on Radioactive Waste Management
UK 19 Feb 2018 01 Dec
Non Executive Director (x3)
Weightlifting Wales
Bangor N/A 12 Dec


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