Oh for a Bit more Warm weather! 

Between 10% and 33% of Europe’s population would like to retire abroad. With Europe’s retiree population nearing 100 million, a large number of 50+ want to retire to warm, sunny locations.
For the majority of those who move overseas, purchasing a property has been the predominant solution. Now, a flexible retirement and long-stay rental solution for the 50+ market is also available in the Algarve, making it easy for those who wish to retire abroad, to spend winters in the sun, or to experience life in this part of the world before committing to a property purchase.
Algarve Senior Living is for seniors who enjoy an independent lifestyle, with privacy yet plenty to do and a community of people who share interests and hobbies. Algarve Senior Living offers a quality lifestyle that is fun, flexible and affordable. For the active, independent senior looking to spend all or part of the year in your place in the sun.
Additional information: key benefits of our solution
Lifestyle. Friendships. Money. Tax. Easy access to family. This is what most people who move or retire abroad consider important. At Algarve Senior Living, we address all these aspects.
Algarve Senior Living’s solution offers several key advantages!
  1. Flexibility: winter stays or permanent residence
  2. Choice: 1 or 2 bed homes, sea or country views. Upsize or downsize during your stay
  3. Cost-effective: no property purchase required (although you can buy if you wish!)
  4. Tax efficient: Zero or low tax on pensions for new residents. No inheritance or wealth taxes if you rent
  5. Community living: meet new people, create new interests, develop hobbies. Settle in faster
  6. Smart use of capital: use tax-free pension benefits on yourself, or downsize back home and fund your lifestyle and health abroad
  7. Our promise: flexibility to move between our villages, priority when doing so
  8. Ambassador program: earn extra income by referring friends.
Our Carvoeiro village
Our pilot Algarve Senior Living village location is in a uniquely beautiful setting on the outskirts of Carvoeiro, with both sea views and expansive country views. The single floor and double storey 1 and 2-bed apartments (of approximately 55-60 m² and 110-130 m², respectively), townhouses and semi-detached villas offer a range of options to even the most demanding visitor. All properties have wireless internet access and are serviced twice weekly (including a weekly change of linen).
On-site there is a range of facilities, including sporting options such as tennis and lawn bowls, restaurants with tranquil bar areas, and many walking paths and quiet areas to relax. Algarve Senior Living allows you to pick from a comprehensive picking list of products and services.
Come and experience the lifestyle and the advantages for yourself by making the most of the try-before-you-decide option or take advantage of one of the special offers. Contact us on, in the +44 208 144 7558, in Portugal +351 965 683 054 or visit

Living in Portugal offers some very interesting tax breaks  -   see article on this from Algarve Senior Living.