"Retirement can be a great adventure,” says English-Australian Justin Thorne, who retired after living in Africa for more than 27 years.

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U.K. Retirees African Holiday Camp.

Greetings dear friends,

Africa! Say the word and it probably conjures up pictures of lions, crocodiles and elephants. Sadly there are very few left in the Malawi of today. But when I was growing up here sixty years ago, they were in large numbers. But today it’s still exciting to be back.??

It’s a new kind of excitement that you wake up to each morning, especially when living next to a gorgeous beach and seeing a fabulous sunrise to set your heart alive, Africa, you’d love it, in your heart you’ve always wanted to come. And now’s your chance to come for a holiday - to visit Usisya Village.

When retirement was approaching, the very thought of nothing but days of shopping and TV seemed a nightmare. No.I wanted to be committed to helping with something; in no time at all I knew my pension would be enough, both for me and to help out here, living a satisfied and happy life - imagine your pension tripled!

The benefits of being here are huge all round, especially for yourself. The required daily walking and working in the sun means the weight simply drops off you, as your health improves in leaps and bounds. Villagers and children greet you with huge smiles and warm hearts, regardless of their own plight. In the village, there’s no junk food, no supermarkets. The generous exchange rate of the Malawi kwacha for the English pound or Euro lets you live comfortably on a third of your money, and as their income is so low, they will happily take on all your washing and cleaning jobs. And no matter what, you are always that special someone to all the villagers, as simply by being here on a holiday, you are making a valuable contribution.

The village hospital always welcomes visiting doctors or nurses.

We are hoping to find and invite a couple of retired nurses to come on a holiday and have a “look-see” around the village hospital, which is in desperate need of qualified medical support. The hospital only has one trainee Nurse and Med-student to cover 18,000 villagers here and to handle all emergencies coming in from surrounding villages. Truly, we’re desperate for your help.

Life’s great adventure.

Why not take the plunge and come on a holiday to Usisya, see it and enjoy it for yourself, meet me and the villagers as we begin our building work on the village-owned visitors accommodation. Camp by the beautiful waters of the lake. Please feel free to email me your questions anytime - I’ll get back to you right away.

Malawi has remained a very safe tourist destination and has welcomed volunteer workers for over 50 years.

Yours very sincerely,

Justin Thorne:

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Graham Ross Russell, 02/03/2017