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 Leaving the Salt mines  -  Fulfillement and a good laugh are the main requirements for a job in retirement

"There are simply loads of articles advising those of a golden age about retiring or not retiring. It all seems to be centred on financials, but what if the financials are fine yet the scariest part is leaving the safety of the corporate nest? What kind of life is there beyond the corporate birdcage? The gig economy, freelancing, consulting - it all seems so bohemian at the moment.

With lots of experience and skills, how does one venture forth onto a meaningful fun life that does not resemble that of a couch potato? Wouldn't it be marvellous if someone sets up a business for those still pretty smart and amazing mature employees - where the best reward is working with those you enjoy & having a fun job? I am sure there are many willing to work for less but more for enjoyment, fulfillment and a good laugh!

If this strilkes a chord with you, or you have suggestions to offer, let me know and I will pass them on to Jacki, who wrote the above.

lookimg forward to hearing your ideas!