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                           THE ARTS SOCIETY (formerly NADFAS)


Exploring the nation's heritage
The Arts Society is a leading arts charity which comprises 375 local societies. There are also societies in Europe, New Zealand and Australia. The aim is the advancement of arts education and the appreciation and preservation of our artistic heritage. The societies are largely run by volunteers who, in committees, run lecture programmes, study days,  visits and tours, interspersed with social events.   

All the lecturers are accredited by the organisation and all are experts and enthusiasts on the topics they present. Importantly they are able to deliver fascinating talks and inspire audiences to learn more. Talks and visits often co-incide with current exhibitions running in and outside London.

As important as the educational aims of the societies is the opportunity they provide for the enjoyment of our heritage - and - having fun in the company of friendly, like-minded people. Maybe you are a member of English Heritage or the National Trust or similar. Maybe you enjoy painting, photography, architecture, gardens, music, design or crafts. If so The Arts Society may be for you...
Have a look at the website then try our quiz - but don't take the questions too seriously!

Why not get involved if you think The Arts Society could be of interest to you?

Is the arts society for you? Are you an arts society type?

“The Arts society is a leading arts charity which opens up the world of the arts through a network of local Societies and national events. With inspiring monthly lectures given by some of the country's top experts, together with days of special interest, educational visits and cultural holidays, The Arts Society is a great way to learn, have fun and make new and lasting friendships.” [1]

Do you like visiting exhibitions, art galleries and museums,  going to country houses and seeing cultural icons?  Perhaps you enjoy beautiful objects and glorious architecture and - now you have more time - how about having days out and going on visits with others? If you join an Arts Society you can enjoy all these pleasures.
Try this lighthearted quiz to find out if The Arts Society is for you:

1. You live in town and you’ve got friends coming to stay. They want to explore what your town has to offer. You’ve heard there’s a highly acclaimed exhibition on at the Town Centre Gallery.  Do you
a. Suggest taking them for lunch in town and maybe visit the gallery if there’s time
b. Book tickets in advance to make sure you see the exhibition
c. Plan a trip to the park to feed the ducks

2.  You’ve seen an article in the What’s On section of the paper that a local society has regular speakers on topics of cultural interest. Do you
a. Think it could be interesting and make a mental note to find out more at some time
b. Phone the telephone number that’s given in the article and speak to the organiser
c. Ignore it – it’s probably some old bore droning on about stamp collecting

3. You’re walking in town and notice that the old Town Hall has undergone some restoration work and will be having an open day over the weekend. Do you
a. Tell a relative who likes architecture about the open day
b. Write it in your diary and go along – it’ll be interesting to see what’s been done.
c. Wonder how much all that work cost

4. Since retiring you haven’t made all those three day breaks you planned to take even though you’ve been sent loads of brochures about cruises. Do you
a. Think it could be fun to go on an activity holiday – much better than soaking up the sun – but only think about it
b.  Send off for the brochure and actually book a short painting trip for beginners
c. Decide against the idea, after all it’s not much fun on your own

5. You subscribe to a few magazines and you read reviews in the Sunday papers, but you always seem to find out about events that might interest you after they have finished. Do you
a. Resolve to write events down in future and set yourself reminders
b. Find out about the NADFAS Review publication to keep up to date with all the events that might interest you
c. Let friends tell you about all the places they’ve been and feel envious

Quiz ‘Answers’

Mostly a’s.  It sounds like you are interested in culture and the arts but you’ve yet to take the plunge and see how much more you could enjoy what’s on. Go on – you might enjoy going out in the company of  others who like what you like. What some call the finer things in life! You are definitely a candidate for the Arts Society..

Mostly b’s. Looks like you are already quite up to date. Why not go a step further and go to the Arts Society website ( https://thearts society.org )  or phone them to find out about your local society? If there isn’t a society near you there’s even the chance to set one up! You might even go a step further and be an Arts Society committee member or heritage volunteer.

Mostly c’s. You're certainly someone who might enjoy being an Arts Society type, maybe you just haven’t come across this wonderful organisation. Why not find out more!

If you would like to find out more about Th Arts Society  please visit their website  (see above) or contact me (chris.baker.london@gmail.com) by email.

There are over 375 Arts Society branches across the UK - you can find out your nearest by looking at their website.   If there isn't a society near you, you may even be able to start one  !




Chris Baker, 20/11/2015