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‘In Hollywood all marriages are happy: it’s trying to live together afterwards that causes all the problems’      Shelley Winters
Morton Dewar writes:
‘None of the suggestions made below may be original, but I am sure that if it is possible to observe them, harmonious living together in retirement is made much easier.
If you have the space and can afford it:
Have separate bathrooms
Have separate television areas
Have separate working areas
Have separate bedrooms, not because you don’t want to sleep together, but for emergency situations such as health problems
Both partners should have outside interests. They need not be the same interests but discussion on them helps to maintain a balance.
Have separate bank accounts and arrange the partnership finances in such a way that the need to refer to each other on expenditure matters is dispensed with.
When either partner is preparing a meal the other must stay out of the kitchen.
Anyone reading the above may think I have an unhappy retirement. The reverse is true, but I consider it essential that each partner has plenty of their own space.’
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