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 Lay Member of Court, university of Strathclyde
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WANTED: Non Executive Directors and Trustees

Non executive Director ('NED'), Trustees and part time posts - listed by order of closing date for applications.

Volunteer and unpaid posts are marked (V), although many will provide expenses and subsistence.




If you would like to include an NED or Trustee role in the list below, please contact

We include a 'date posted' column so that it is easier for you to check whether changes have been made since you last visited this page.

OKWhere a closing date is not available ('NA') entries are normally removed after 3 months.  

You’ll find expanded details of all these opportunities and more on our partner site:

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Position Location Date Closes Date Posted Link
Independent NEDs for The FA WSL and FA WC Football Board Wembley 16/5/9 26/4/19 more
Trustee for Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS) Barnsley, Yorks 16/5/19 13/3/19 more
Independent Non-Executive Directors x 2 for the Norse Group (Norwich) Countrywide 16/5/19 26/4/19 more
Chair - Health Research Authority (VAC-1662) London 16/5/19 25/4/19 more
Social Security Advisory Committee - Committee Member Nationwide 17/5/19 17/4/19 more
Traffic Commissioner for Wales Cardiff or Caernarfon 17/5/19 15/4/19 more
Arches Housing – Board Members Sheffield area 17/5/19 15/4/19 more
NED for Belong (pioneer of services for older people) Manchester 19/5/19 24/4/19 more
Trustee - Chair of Fundraising - for Demelza Hospice Care For Children (V) Kent+ SE England 19/5/19 18/4/19 more
Trustee for Engineers Without Borders Uk (V) London 20/5/19 29/3/19 more
Steering Committee Member (Company Director) for the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) Home-based 20/5/19 19/2/19 more
Chair of Board of Trustees for Learning Through Horses (V) North London 21/5/19 20/2/19 more
Trustees for Learning Through Horses (V) North London 21/5/19 20/2/19 more
Theatres Trust Trustee London 22/5/19 23/4/19 more
Sport Wales - Board Member (up to 3 members) Locations across Wales 22/5/19 16/4/19 more
Sport Wales - Board Member (Welsh Essential) Locations across Wales 22/5/19 16/4/19 more
Imperial War Museums - Business Trustee London 22/5/19 15/4/19 more
Chair for Natural Resources Wales Pan Wales 22/5/19 12/4/19 more
2nd NED for The National Centre for Atmospheric Science London 22/5/19 17/4/19 more
Trustee for the Association for Project Management (APM) Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire 23/5/19 10/5/19 more
Trustee Chair (Royal Blind Group Pension Scheme) (V) Edinburgh 24/5/19 1/5/19 more
Trustee for Cheshire Wildlife Trust Chester Area 24/5/19 3/4/19 more
NED for end-2-end IPO process Manchester 24/5/19 10/5/19 more
British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) The Docks, Gloucestershire 25/5/19 13/5/19 more
Ofgem, Non-Executive Director London 26/5/19 17/4/19 more
Business Trustee for Refugee Resource (V) Oxford 26/5/19 26/2/19 more
Trustee – expert by experience – for Freedom from Torture (V) London 27/5/19 3/5/19 more
Trustee for Buglife UK wide 28/5/19 14/5/19 more
Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art - 2 x Committee Members London 29/5/19 23/4/19 more
NED for Connexus (Housing) West Midlands 28/5/19 10/5/19 more
Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) - Independent Trustees (V) Greater London 28/5/19 29/4/19 more
Member for the Nuclear Research Advisory Council (NRAC). London+ 29/5/19 1/5/19 more
Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership, Vice-Chair South England 29/5/19 10/5/19 more
Trustees for the Carers Trust (V) London 29/5/19 2/5/19 more
NED for the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) Gloucester 30/5/19 1/5/19 more
Independent Chair for The Mid & South Essex Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) Essex 30/5/19 4/5/19 more
Trustee for Bath City Farm (V) Bath 30/5/19 1/3/19 more
Trustee/Chair for Bright Futures UK (BFUK) (V) London 30/5/19 1/3/19 more
Chair of the Board of Trustees at Munro Health (V) London 30/5/19 1/3/19 more
Treasurer Trustee at Munro Health (V) London 30/5/19 1/3/19 more
NED for Mastercall Healthcare Stockport 31/5/19 16/5/19 more
NEDs x 3 for Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust Sheffield 31/5/19 8/5/19 more
Company Secretary & Trustee for the Board of Trustees at UN Women National Committee UK. Home based 31/5/19 8/5/19 more
Lay Member for Humber and South Yorkshire Recruitment Advisory Committee Humber and South Yorkshire Criminal Justice Area 31/5/19 5/5/19 more
Members for the Road Expert Panel London 31/5/19 7/5/19 more
NED / Trustees – London Transport Museum London 31/5/19 3/5/19 more
Independent Board Members for AECC University College Bournemouth 31/5/19 24/4/19 more
Board Members for Housing 21 Birmingham 31/5/19 2/5/19 more
Non Executive Director for Age UK Lancashire (V) Chorley, Lancs 31/5/19 17/4/19 more
Non-Executive Chair/Medical Devices – Open Bionics National 31/5/19 22/4/19 more
Trustees and Treasurer for The Bobath Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy (V) Home based 1/6/19 1/5/19 more
Trustee for Age UK Wiltshire (V) Devises, Wilts 1/6/19 8/5/19 more
Industrial Injuries Advisory Council – 2 Members London 2/6/19 2/5/19 more
NED for The Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust London 2/6/19 7/5/19 more
Independent Trustees College of General Dentistry London 3/6/19 14/5/19 more
Vice Chairman of CSSC: Chairman of the Sports & Leisure Committee Mostly London 3/6/19 10/5/19 more
Chair of Trustees for The Public Law Project (PLP) (V) Greater London 3/6/19 16/5/19 more
Chairman of Trustees for Autism at Kingwood (V) Reading 3/6/19 2/5/19 more
Independent Chair – Local Pension Board Bristol 3/6/19 2/5/19 more
Homes for Haringey – Board Members (V) London 3/6/19 24/4/19 more
Commissioner for Acoustics and Aviation Noise Surrey 3/6/19 26/4/19 more
NED Board Members for Birmingham Royal Ballet Birmingham 4/6/19 16/5/19 more
Chair for Home Connections (Social Housing) London 5/6/19 2/5/19 more
Chair of the Royal Armouries London 5/6/19 25/4/19 more
National Museum of the Royal Navy – Fundraising Committee Member London 7/6/19 9/5/19 more
NED (Finance) for Slough Children’s Services Trust Slough 7/6/19 24/4/19 more
Bloodwise Trustees (V) Holborn, London 7/6/19 12/5/19 more
Members for Rambert Board of Trustees South Bank, London 7/6/19 9/5/19 more
The Equality and Human Rights Commission Wales Commissioner National with attendance at meetings in central London 9/6/19 9/5/19 more
Chair, Wales Committee – Consumer Council for Water Cardiff + 9/6/19 3/5/19 more
Trustee and Chair of Fundraising Sub-Committee at Concern Worldwide (UK) (V) London 9/6/19 16/5/19 more
NED for the Hexagon Housing Association South London 10/6/19 16/5/19 more
Trustee for Educate for Life (V) Home based 10/6/19 17/5/19 more
Financial Reporting Council (FRC) – CEO London 10/6/19 29/4/19 more
Chair of Air Quality Expert Group National + London meetings 10/6/19 17/4/19 more
NED for Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Berkshire 10/6/19 3/5/19 more
Chair of Trustees – GASP Motor Project (V) Guildford, Surrey 11/6/19 13/3/19 more
Chair of Strategic Development Board Southwark Children’s Centres (V) London 11/6/19 13/3/19 more
Trustee for Community Transport Waltham Forest (V) Walthamstow 11/6/19 13/3/19 more
Trustee for Addaction (Medical) Nationwide 12/6/19 15/5/19 more
Independent Trustee - Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) (V) Leicester 12/6/19 16/5/19 more
Treasurer for The SWAN Project (V) Bristol 12/6/19 14/3/19 more
Trustee and Treasurer for Belong (charity reducing the harm caused by crime) (V) Home based 13/6/19 15/3/19 more
Trustee for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music London 14/6/19 10/5/19 more
Trustees x 2 for the Bank of Scotland Foundation Scotland 14/6/19 16/5/19 more
Honorary Treasurer for Exeter Community Initiatives Exeter 17/6/19 17/5/19 more
Non Executive Director, Dover Harbour Board Dover 17/6/19 17/5/19 more
Trustee for Friends of the Holy Land Home based 17/6/19 13/5/19 more
Chairman of Trustees with Autism at Kingwood Reading 17/6/19 3/5/19 more
Charity Commission x 2 Board Members London 19/6/19 13/5/19 more
Chair of the West Midlands Forestry and Woodlands Advisory Committee (FWAC) West Midlands 20/6/19 3/5/19 more
Women’s Aid Board of Trustees positions Bristol 24/6/19 16/5/19 more
Treasurer for Advice4Renters (V) Brent, London 27/6/29 29/4/19 more
Honorary Treasurer for The Scotia Society (V) Home based 30/6/19 10/5/19 more
Treasurer for Westway Community Transport (V) Notting Hill, London 30/6/19 15/4/19 more
Social media and comms trustee for RefugeeEd (V) New Cross, London 1/7/19 2/4/19 more
Trustee (Marketing) for Age Concern Bracknell Forest (V) Bracknell 1/7/19 3/4/19 more
Treasurer/Financial Strategist for inVOLve Community Services Bracknell 16/7/19 17/4/19 more
Trustee with legal experience for Winchester Science Centre (WSC) Winchester, Hampshire 16/7/19 17/4/19 more
HR & Training Director for Wiltshire and Swindon Credit Union (V) Salisbury 17/7/19 18/4/19 more
TRUSTEE / DIRECTOR MAYFIELD NURSERIES (V) Southampton 23/7/19 24/4/19 more
Trustee (Comms and Marketing) at The Helen Taylor Thompson Foundation (CAN) (V) Greater London 24/7/19 24/4/19 more
Plus for CAN: Volunteer Trustee with Social Enterprise Charity Leadership Experience (V) Greater London 24/7/19 24/4/19 more
Trustee for Citizens Advice Greater Manchester (V) Greater Manchester 28/7/19 29/4/19 more
Network Committee members for the Royal National Institute of Blind People - RNIB (V) Dover, Derby, Wolverhampton, Peterborough 29/7/19 30/4/19 more
Trustee for Sight Support Derbyshire (SSD) (V) Home based 29/7/19 30/4/19 more
Non-Executive Director (Commercial focus) – Instrumentation – Biotechnology UK Wide 31/7/19 10/5/19 more
Treasurer and Trustees for Bournemouth Sea Cadets (V) Bournemouth 31/7/19 2/5/19 more
Trustees for the Bethel Health and Healing Network (V) Birmingham 1/8/19 5/5/19 more
Trustee for Caer Las Swansea 1/8/19 5/5/19 more
Trustee for The Arkbound Foundation (V) Glasgow 3/8/19 3/5/19 more
Trustees for The Hawk and Owl Trust (V) Fakenham, Norfolk 6/8/19 13/5/19 more
Trustee for Artspace Brighton (V) Brighton 7/8/19 9/5/19 more
Trustee for the On Your Bike Board Taunton 8/8/19 10/5/19 more
Trustee for The Talk Education Partnership (TEP) (V) Ware, Herts 14/8/19 16/5/19 more
NED for Yourcare(Croydon) Ltd (V) Croydon na 14/3/19 more
NED for Bourne Education Trust (BET) Surrey na 26/3/19 more
NED Offshore Petroleum Regulator for Environment & Decommissioning (OPRED) Aberdeen na 2/4/19 more
Non-Executive Director (Equity Funding) London