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Pass on your experience to others - and be paid for it!

In essence, this is what our website at Retirement Reinvented is mainly about  -  we want to make it easier for you to pass on to others the expertise and experience you have accumulated over your working career  -  to give you the enjoyment and saatisfaction of continuing to create new things, whether by helping to develop skills in others or buiilding new ventures.


'Mentoring' is an obvous example where your skills can be put to use to develop the talents of younger people, and  enable them to learn from your experience.    We have a 'topic page' on Mentoring which will give you some ideas and 'signpost' you to some useful websites.


For a practical example of a social enterprise helping to put to use the everyday skills of retirees, see .    They " help people who are about to retire or have retired create amazing experiences with the skills, knowledge and passion they’ve picked up throughout their life". They handle the advertising and payments – "all the Amazing has to do is decide when they want to run their experience, turn up, be amazing, and then collect the cash."