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Wills, and other 'end of life' decisions

"I believe in reincarnation, so I've left all my money to myself"  Tony Blackburn

. is a comprehensive website which 'enables you to take responsibility for your end of life decisions', from arranging your finances to planning your funeral, including your favourite music. It features a 'Lifebox' to store the important details of your life.


Writing wills is a complex area, and is likely to need professional advice from a solicitor. 


 which gives general advice on the importance of writing a will, and has links to the relevant parts of the websites of  the Citizens Advice Bureau and of  Age Concern.     It also comments on ' living wills'  which enable you to indicate your wishes on medical treatment if you become mentally incapacitated.


see for DIY wills and online wills


see  for advice on an Enduring Power of Attorney ("EPA") which enables you to appoint someone to manage youir financial affairs either now or in the future



And what about your digital assets -software, websites, social media accounts, emails – what happens to them?
See Saga legal's Guide to Preserving your Digital Legacy..