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Film Extra


"Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?"

                                                 H Warner of Warner Brothers in 1927 in praise of silent movies.


If you live in central London there is a new career out there as an
extra in films. No acting experience is required; in fact it is probably a
disadvantage because they discourage wannabe film stars! The Casting
Collective ( www.castingcollective.co.uk) is the agent.

They usually recruit in September of each year for their directory which is
published early the following January. There are no age limits! Next time you
watch a film you will note in the background people like yourself hanging about,
perhaps in costume but, who cares? I had a lot of fun! The pay is bad and the
CC takes a fee of £60 odd for registration but this is deducted from your first
pay packet. There is nothing to pay 'up front'.

Break a leg.

Julian Nokes 



Further requests for film extras, particularly if you still have your youthful figure:



"Hope you don't mind us sending you this rather tricky casting brief for an up coming feature film. We are specifically looking for tall rugby/basketball player type men.

If you know anyone who is suitable, e.g a friend or family member who is not currently registered with us please forward them this email and ask them to apply through our website here:


To apply they must match this brief exactly:

Must be between 6ft 3 and 6ft 5 in height
Be a Caucasian male aged under 40.
Physically fit, ideally like a rugby player or basketball player
Legally allowed to work in the UK.
Live in London or within the M25 area.
Be generally available to work throughout the summer months.

Julian Nokes, 19/04/2010