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Repairing Antiques

It must be very satisfying to be able skillfully to bring back to life and looks a favourite ornament which is  broken or a chair which has a started to wobble.   And if it is everyday ware and not antiques we are talking about, it must be  equally satisfying to be able to ensure that chipped plates are a thing of the past  and need no longer be discarded.

However, ‘skillfully’ is probably the operative word, since a botched  repair on a real antique can diminish the value and make it harder to have a professional job done.     So start your career as a restorer on the kitchen crockery and work upwards only in line with your skills!




See:  a comprehensive article on the subject  of china repairs:  http://www.chinaglassrepair.com/ 

There are also some helpful text books:  http://www.amazon.com/Repairing-Restoring-China-Glass-Method/dp/B0000EGPWU 





For DVD courses in repairing:  http://www.antqrestoration.com/

For professional courses:http://www.westdean.org.uk/cms.cgi/site/restor/diploma/ceramics/index.htm




 the 'leading voice for conservation of UK'scultural heritage'   ://www.icon.org.uk/index.php