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Bird Watching / Ornithology




…..a nightingale had begun to sing with all the full throated zest of a bird conscious of having had a rave notice from the poet Keats           PG Wodehouse




Bird watching is surely one of the most popular interests in UK.    It caters for all grades of participation , from background interest in the course of a country walk to  full time twitching slung around with the biggest and best binoculars and zoom lenses.     It can be done in town and in country, in winter and in summer, at home and abroad.    And you can even write to the Times about it.

http://www.rspb.org.uk/    The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds is Europe’s largest conservation charity, with more than one million members.   It is driven by the belief that we all have a responsibility to protect birds and the environment.  

http://www.bto.org/aboutBTO/index.htm  the British Trust for Ornithology, a scientific research trust investigating the population and movement of birds in Britain

http://www.jjstroud.dsl.pipex.com/     links to 500 sites and pages of interest to UK birdwatchers

http://www.birdsofbritain.co.uk/features/mao-article1.asp  monthly web magazine

http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/calidris/  birding in London 

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