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Unable to get to the high street optician?

As people age, their sight may change without them realising – that’s why regular sight tests are important. Each year thousands of hospital admissions following falls could be prevented by regular sight testing. Some medical conditions can affect sight too, but if they’re identified early they can be treated effectively. Poor eyesight can cause falls in the home, as well as difficulties in carrying out daily tasks safely such as cooking and shopping. A report by York University found that the NHS treat around 89,500 patients a year for falls which are directly attributable to visual impairment at a cost of some £289 million.

Many people don’t know that they qualify for free home sight testing. People who are unable to leave their homes without help, are over 60 or already have diabetes or glaucoma qualify for a free NHS sight test at home. They may also be entitled to help with the cost of glasses.

Regular sight tests aren’t just a question of making sure you can see clearly – it’s a very important part of your overall health. Eye tests may reveal other health problems, which if found early can be treated successfully. If you can’t get to your high street optician because of illness or disability, Healthcall Optical Services can come to you. Healthcall Optical Services is the UK’s leading provider of FREE NHS home sight tests. With a network of branches covering England, Scotland and Wales, we carry out more than 100,000 eye examinations per year.

Our optometrists bring all the equipment needed to transform your home into a consulting room and perform a full and comprehensive eye examination. Our optical teams carry a wide variety of spectacle frames, ranging from budget options (free to those entitled to an NHS voucher) to more contemporary designer frames. When the spectacles are ready, they are delivered and fitted free in your own home.

Many older people think it is normal for their eyesight to fade as they age and don’t consult an optician, but in many cases new spectacles can help improve sight to a level that will allow them to continue performing everyday tasks as well as the hobbies they so enjoy.

For further information about free sight tests or to arrange an appointment call 0800 089 0144 or visit our website: www.healthcalloptical.co.uk