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Taking Exercise - healthy living


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Peter Milner at age 25.......                                     and at 75! 


       " I am pushing 6o.  That's enough exercise for me".    Mark Twain



The virtues of exercise as a foundation for healthy living are preached in almost every doctors surgery.   The easiest way of fulfilling it in practice is to take part in a sport or recreation which you actually enloy (see Walking', 'Golf', 'Tennis' etc in 'Developing Interests') as opposed to filling in the required time schedule in the gym, which can require  monumental motivation.     


  http://www.nuffieldhealth.com/Search/Community-Fitness-Centres/    lets you find your nearest Nuffield Health Fitness and Sports Centre.  Nuffield Health claims to be UK's leading health charity.


To maintain your motivation at the required level:

see www.exercisefriend.co.uk  a service which sends you exercise tips  


Join 'Walking the Way to Health Initiative', www.whi.org.uk which has 400  groups organising local walks for social and exerecise purposes.  Strongly supported by the NHS and GPs, and by the Lottery Fund.


http://www.bhf.org.uk/publications/publications-search-results.aspx?m=simple&q=getting+active  see a booklet published by the British Heart Foundation to encourage people over 50 to invest in health and well- being by getting active  


NEW  See our article on the importance of taking exrcise after cancer


 If you live in or near London, 'Open Age' aims to 'open doors to an active life for people over 50'.   Amongst other activities, it runs courses on keeping fit, physically and mentally.   See http://www.openage.co.uk/.   Also take a look at www.new-horizons-chelsea.org.uk  which offers everything from 'chair exercise ' to a 'power walk'.  


If you are really keen and want to have the gym machines in your home, see:- 

www.exercise.co.uk   a one stop shop for health, firness and leisure requirements, or 

http://www.gymworld.co.uk  for purchase of fitness equipment


or hire a personal trainer  (see below)




Exercise   -   Personal Trainers
Local council exercise classes are excellent value and a gym subscription gives access to some formidable hi-tech equipment but maybe there is something to be said for a personal trainer who comes to your home and makes sure that the good resolutions you make to take regular exercise do materialize. 
Although not quite yet a ‘ profession’ there is already a National Register and a National Federation of Personal Trainers.
Personal recommendation probably counts a lot, and it will be helpful to have comments from users. Meanwhile a few relevant websites:
National Register of Personal Trainers   www.nrpt.co.uk
National Federation of Personal Trainers   www.nfpt.com  
Personal trainers in London (including Pilates) www.homehealthfitness.com
Personal trainers in the South east   www.onelifestyle.co.uk 
Recommendations:  we asked for personal recommendations, and   http://www.motivatept.co.uk   (Surrey ahd South London)  have had a strong write up from a client, Mrs Sandra Evans. "Motivatept has been fantastic with me and have given me the guidance and support I needed to increase my activity levels in a safe and productive way.   They are always very professional, and  I  would certainly recommend them. "