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Cutting Expenses

see also 'Managing Money'



Avoid divorce.    Or if you must, avoid doing it in UK which is now liable to be one of the most expensive countries for this particular transaction.


But starting at the less significant end, and on the basis that 'many a mickle makes a muckle' as Robbie  Burns might have said,  it is worth keeping an eye on price comparison sites such as www.moneysupermarket .com


See The Times medical expert on reducing (or ditching) the cost of private medical insurance.


see also  lists cheap alternative telephone lines to avoid '0870' charges


Let's hear your views on this subject.   See 'add a contrtibution' above or 'add your comment' below.



NEW   Erica Martin has sent us some advice on debt counselling.     It may be of help to you, as well as the Greek government.


NEW  To avoid being ripped off by cowboys, one of our users has suggested that we

publicise, a site which offers to put you in touch with reliable tradesmen.