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Container ship travel

I had always wanted to go on a long sea voyage, but not on a cruise liner. A friend suggested that I fly to Sydney and join him, after he had been to a wedding, and come back the long way. So I did. We were supposed to board at Sydney but because of an early arrival we flew to Brisbane and boarded her there. One of the things to watch out for is the approximation of dates. We were 4 passengers on a 100,000 tone container ship, registered in London with a wholly crewed Indian crew, including the chef. We each had our own cabin with en-suite facilities and a steward to clean and fetch and carry. We left Brisbane and stopped off at Aukland, Napier and Dunedin in New Zealand, then across the Pacific for almost two weeks without seeing any land or other ships.
Through the Panama Canal, which was the highlight of the trip along the east coast of America stopping off at Philadelphia and across the Atlantic in a very rough sea(it was February) to Zeebrugge and then to Tilbury. If you like your own company, want to catch up on reading, getting glimpses of places you have never been to and like indifferent cooking and rough weather it is ideal. Most people think I was mad but it was an experience and one that went very quickly. Strand Voyages in London on 020 7921 4340 are the agents for many companies who take passengers.





Robin Smeeton, 13/06/2007