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Let's start with walking,  as this is reported to be the most popular 'activity' for the 'over 50s'.

Travel agents who specialise in walking holidays, escorted or independent, or in helping you to arrange your own walking itinery, include:  (award winning 'best short breaks' company)    (tailored tours in Rumania)

see section on 'Walking' ' in 'Developing Interests'


Possibly slightly more adventurous, and broader activities than just walking:   


and of course there are many other activities to get up to on holiday:




035 2  (Europe)   (America & Europe)  (America, Europe, Asia)  (French alps)


Painting   (Spain and UK)   (Italy)



www.farand   (Wales)


Ballooning  (west country)

www.RedLetter  (UK wide)


Birdwatching  (Scotland) (Galapagos)


Tennis  (La Manga)


Golf  is a European golf hire company offering affordable golf club hire 




Snow shoeing




Narrowboat boating  run a helmsman's course to make you road worthy


and for the opposite extreme

       try a conservation holiday  -  - keep fit and save the planet

        or join an environmental expedition  -

        or work on a development project in the third world  -



      or just relax  -  -   yoga, detox and spa 
                     -  a community style resort in Lanzarote exclusively for active over 50s





 Monica Tanaka has emailed us her thoughts on a unusual activity holiday, retracing the steps of an historic pilgrimage:


Camino de Santiago, The Way of St James


The walking holiday is one that will suit the adventurous traveller seeking to challenge the mind and body. The main route of the Way of Saint James, know as the ŒCamino Frances¹, is a 800km footpath that has been travelled by pilgrims for more than one thousand years. Walk in the footsteps of medieval pilgrims through ancient villages and breathtaking countryside from the foothills of the Pyrenees to north-western Spain. The pilgrimage traditionally begins in the quaint village of Saint Jean Pied de Port and winds its way across northern Spain and terminates in Santiago de Compostela. It is not for the fait of heart, yet for many pilgrims it is their first long-distance walk. The Camino attracts people of all ages and of all levels of experience and fitness.

The following are links to maps, videos, FAQs and testimonials

… NHK UNESCO World Heritage video of the pilgrimage:

… Wikipedia has a wicked history on the pilgrimage:

… Rely on the Telegraph for FAQs:

… Helpful maps:

… All-round helpful site: