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Cheap Flights, Seat choosing, Parking and hotels

I love flying.  I've been to almost as many places as my luggage.  Bob Hope is an award winning site which claims to be the best and fastest way to find cheap flighs.  It also covers hotels and car hire.

Or try :-

For price comparison of cheap flights from UK and Ireland see

For cheap flights plus savings on hotel bookings see:

or see the flights section on which compares prices on any branded product


Low cost airlines:


and may also be worth trying!


It can be cheaper to book international flightsthrough a US website such as or .   To check the market, look at a US comparison site such as  and compare it with a UK comparison site such as


Air Pass programs are some of the best bargains in the travel industry, combining an international ticket with an airpass you may be able to save a great deal of money while visiting some exotic destinations. see


Seat Choosing

You can do this online on most occsions, so it is worth getting advice on which are the best seats.



Airport Parking

check off- site rates on or on

or stay overnight at a hotel offering parking whilst you are away:


Hotel booking websites

Booking through these will often be cheaper than direct with the hotel


B&B   'rent from real people' in 192 countries.


Hotel discounts for seniors

see   for 'senior discount'

Hyatt Hotels in North America:

World Hotels:    see'special offers'


Car Hire    try who act for all the main companies


Using Credit cards overseas

There are two credit cards that do not charge a foreign exchange loading fee when used anywhere overseas:l      Nationwide Gold Visa and Post Office Platinum Master Card. 



Or what about going by rail   -  see the topic page on 'Rail travel'


Weather  -  do you want to see a 5 day forecast for anywhere in the world -  see Weather Widget